100 things

I’ve had a rough couple days. This morning I woke up feeling like there was a cloud of anger and bitterness lingering over me. I can’t remember the last time I woke up in a bad mood.

Sure enough, I got to work this morning only to find a disgusting coworker’s lip prints all over MY coffee mug, which he had so kindly left on my desk, still dirty and half full of coffee. And then I opened up my email to a slew of passive aggressive messages from another coworker. Needless to say, my mood wasn’t improving.

I started browsing the internet, hoping to find a cute puppy video or something to put me in a better mood. Instead, I ended up on a blog that gave cliche “how to be happy” advice. But today is one of those days when I need advice, as cliche as possible, please. So I’m taking the advice of that blog and writing a list of things that make me happy. I’m going to try to get to 100. Here goes:

1. Love

2. Mama

3. Family

4. Friends and socializing

5. Online shopping

6. Baking

7. Eating

8. The attention of men

9. Sex

10. Chocolate

11. New experiences

12. Travel – seeing new places

13. Art

14. Tea

15. Coffee

16. Fruity Curry

17. A random act of kindness

18. A random smile

19. New shoes

20. Clouds after the rain

21. A sunset

22. The beach

23. Being outside

24. Going for a walk

25. Our new apartment

26. A kiss

27. Trees

28. Flowers

29. Color

30. Driving with the windows down

31. Baba O’Riley

32. Music

33. Memories

34. Live music

35. Reading

36. Philosophy

37. Deep conversations

38. Random conversations

39. Completely understanding another person

40. Dancing

41. Spinning

42. Animals

43. Sleeping with Riley

44. A kitty rubbing it’s head on you

45. Swings

46. Picnics

47. The cliffs

48. Wandering around aimlessly

49. The warmth of the sun

50. Having nowhere to be

51. Cuddling inside while it’s raining

52. Gratitude

53. Humor

54. Poop jokes

55. Surprises that show someone cares

56. Someone that listens

57. Someone that notices and appreciates random things about me

58. Someone that understands my brain and thinks I’m smart

59. Holding a kid’s hand

60. Seeing people I love succeed

61. Accomplishing a goal

62. Setting goals

63. A dominant sex partner

64. A kinky sex partner

65. Orgasms

66. A cold/cranky/period day spent eating something bad for me, drinking something warm, and watching something stupid

67. Being appreciated

68. Brunch

69. 69 🙂

70. Fresh summer fruit

71. A juicy peach

72. Acting like a kid

73. Learning

74. Tilt a Whirl

75. Meditating

76. Hugs

77. Santa Cruz Forests

78. Mission Bay Park

79. Cuddles

80. Content silence

81. Deep breaths

82. Random texts

83. Emojis

84. Old photographs

85. Sore muscles after a workout

86. Laughing so hard you cry

87. Laughing for no reason

88. How I Met Your Mother

89. The Mask

90. Getting dressed up

91. Wearing the ugliest clothes I own, but being cozy in them

92. Fuzzy socks

93. Random local coffee shops

94. Lingerie

95. Compliments

96. Cookies

97. Getting an early start on a weekend

98. A Netflix night in

99. A wild night out

100. Being alive


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